Finding Purpose Through Writing

Sep 13, 2021

Expressing one's deepest thoughts or ideas to others can be a dangerous revelation. Reactions can range anywhere from complete dismissal of such a thought to laughing so hard that it brings tears to the eyes. All the while you’re standing there feeling defeated and questioning what it was you were thinking sharing such things.


As we grow, these closed perceptions of others lead to the building of a wall or barrier as a way to protect ourselves. But this doesn’t stop those thoughts, questions, or ideas from flooding our minds. The curiosities that we hold within are still very real but have no way of being expressed.


So then what happens to these thoughts? Do they simply disappear like vapor in the air?


Or do they fester like a rotting egg, not laid on to give birth, but not cracked open to be eaten, just left unattended to?


And what happens when these thoughts, these ideas, these questions, can become a defining awareness in our being?


How much of one's purpose is lost in the unexpressed mind?


For years, I wandered around not truly understanding who I was or why I was here. And as a child, knowing the why of something was so important for me. I was always asking the purpose of certain actions we were told to take, or beliefs people had, or even the way others lived their lives. The need to know why was at the root of my decision making and as time went on the answers became more complex. I found myself searching for knowledge in the things or people around me.


Soon, my dissatisfaction with the responses I was getting from the outside world forced me to turn my questioning inwards. Instead of constantly wondering about why someone treated me that way, I started to wonder why I allowed them to treat me that way. And unknowingly I opened up the doors to true self discovery. 


Still, there was the challenge of being able to communicate these thoughts and receive the answers that I seeked. Until one day, I remembered a teacher I once had in high school. Every day when we entered her classroom there was an ambiance of Beethoven, Bach, or Mozart welcoming each of us into this space of free expression. The expression wasn’t verbal though. No. This expression came through writing. As students would file in, they would grab their notebook, settle into their seats, open to the next page, and just write. Revealing what it was their minds were focused on in the present moment. 


As this image played out in my head. The search for pen and paper began. Finally, all of those thoughts that lingered without utterance had a place. A place all their own. A place without judgement, censorship, or filtering. The purest form of speech. 


I found myself at times not being able to say anything at all. Just staring at the page waiting for something to come in my mind. Then other times there was a flood of thoughts so fierce that my hand couldn’t physically keep up with its flow.


Writing became the one source where I could fully be myself for a long time. I saw no limits, no boundaries, no restrictions. I could freely show any emotion, question any thought and explore new ideas that presented itself to me. 


As time went on evolution of self became so clear. This safe space that I created with writing showed me so much. The self confidence I gained, the responsibility I took, boundaries I was pushing even with fear, and the love I had for life. I was no longer angry at what once was for how I could be me today without it. And what a blessing it is to feel the growth of self but to also see this growth as well. To be able to put a sort of measurement on such an abstract idea like personal development. 


It was through writing that I found myself. Writing guided me through some of the darkest depths of my soul and illuminated the way forward. Writing took me on a journey, a path to self discovery and purpose. 


Purpose comes from understanding. There’s no better way to understand than through the art of writing.


 3 Things Writing Does For You

  1. Provides a safe space to freely express your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and deepest secrets.
  2. Allows you to observe self objectively without judgement.
  3. Leads to understanding of who you are & what your purpose is.


If you’re interested in a deeper conversation on this topic you can check out my Youtube channel @aspiringsarahd ‘Finding Purpose Through Writing.’

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